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Water Efficiently with Drip Irrigation

Gain huge water savings without digging up your current irrigation system! A smart irrigation controller automatically adjusts watering based on internet­ sourced local weather data, helping reduce your water usage and save you money.
Our team is happy to provide you with the most advanced water-saving tools in the industry for your landscape.
With an EPA WaterSense-approved Hydrawise™ controller, you also get:
• Predictive Watering™ technology that automatically adjusts irrigation to local weather conditions-so watering only occurs when it's needed, and never when it's not
• Instant system access from your smartphone, tablet, or the web
• Real-time alerts in the event of a problem, like pipe leaks or damaged rotors, when you add a flow sensor
• Forecast and history data help to ensure that just the right amount of watering is applied
• Connection to Amazon Alexa™ smart home systems for voice­-activated control
Let us help you save money and maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape.

Save More Water with a Smart Irrigation Controller

​Lower Your Water Bill with Rotary Nozzles

Gain huge water savings by converting your small landscape spaces to a highly efficient drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation allows water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, which maximizes water savings.  
Our team is happy to provide you with the best drip irrigation tools to help you save money on your water bill! 

We use drip irrigation solutions from Hunter Industries, the best and most durable products in the industry. With Hunter drip irrigation, you can:
• Effectively irrigate tight or odd-shaped areas for healthier plants
• Reduce potential weed growth
• Eliminate overspray onto walkways and buildings
• Reduce runoff to save water and money

Let us help you save money and maintain a healthy, beautiful landscape.

Save up to 30% more water by installing rotary nozzles on your irrigation system! Conventional sprays are prone to misting, uneven coverage, and wasteful runoff. Slowing the flow and improving the efficiency of your irrigation system with rotary nozzles leads to significant water savings.  
Our team is happy to provide you with the best tools for your landscape to help you save water and money!

We use the Hunter MP Rotator® rotary nozzle — the best in the industry. This allows us to:
• Apply one-third the amount of water of regular sprays to allow water to gently soak into the soil instead of running off into the street.
• Reduce misting and cut through wind to put water onto the landscape exactly where it belongs.
• Increase efficiency and lower flow to ensure a beautiful, healthy landscape. 

Let us help you maximize your water savings!