Back Lighting: Placing lighting behind plants or other landscaping features provides a beautiful silhouette effect. 

Moonlighting: Shining light downwards from a structure, usually from a tree. This will then cast shadows through the branches and leaves down onto the ground, which provides a nice soft moonlight effect. Moonlighting is great for ambiance without seeing much of the lighting equipment.

Deck Lighting: Many different lighting options to enhance your visibility in the dark. Including but not limited to: recess lighting into the sides of steps, lighting under deck rails, lighting on post caps, small sconces on deck/rail sides, and hanging fixtures in pergolas, trellises, and arbors. 

Path Lighting: Creating a pathway of lights alongside walkways, driveways, garden paths or decks. You can also put recess lighting within patio stones. Path Lighting provides low level light for safety, security and beauty.

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Uplighting: Shining light upwards usually into a tree or a landscaping structure. This allows the light to softly accent the features of the tree or structure. Uplighting is an excellent way to bring depth and beauty to a dark yard.

Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers offers many low voltage lighting options, to enhance your outdoor space. These options include: Uplighting, Path Lighting, Moonlighting, Deck Lighting, and Back Lighting. See below for more details!

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting