New Low Voltage Lighting Installations

A knowledgable designer will meet at your home or company to discuss the watering requirements for your landscape. Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers has the expertise in water and plant relationships and environmental factors(shady and sunny areas/poor drainage). A thourough evaluation of not only the landscape, but the water volume, water pressure, and electrical sources are all considered for proper design and layout.

Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers has all the equipment needed to make the installation process done efficiently with almost no sign of lawn disruption. For more delicate areas such as flower beds and vegetable gardens, Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers take great care by hand trenching the areas to preserve the integrity of the existing root structures and plants.

We offer a 5 year warranty on parts with your Lawn Sprinkler Installation.  Ask us for details!

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New Lawn Sprinkler Installations

​A knowledgable designer will meet at your home or company to discuss the lighting requirements for your landscape. Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers uses the best quality fixtures with options of regular bulbs or LED bulbs. The designer will provide the customer all options including Uplighting, Path Lighting, Moonlighting, Deck Lighting, and Back Lighting. Low Voltage landscape lighting creates a wonderful ambiance in your outdoor living areas. It also helps keep your home lit to deter burglars. 

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Spring Start-up:

In the spring, we open up all water and electrical sources. This includes slowly reenergizing water lines and performing any necessary adjustments to the sprinkler heads and the timer settings to ensure optimal coverage for your property. We ensure the system is working properly for the upcoming season by doing a complete inspection.


The winter climate can cause extensive damage to your sprinkler system if it is not winterized properly. Winterization is a vital process that makes you protect your investment. This service includes correctly closing all water and electrical sources. Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers uses properly sized air compressors to purge all the water out of the system, to prevent freezing throughout the winter months. By not completing the winterization service could potentially void any warranty.

Alterations or Inspections
If your landscaping has changed, Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers will provide a detailed recommendation to improve the existing system layout to accommodate the new landscape or grown and flourishing gardens.  

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