​​Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers Inc.


Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers commonly use Hunters PGV Control Valves.  Control valves range in side depending on the size of pipe used.  Click on the images for more information!

Rain Sensors

As an added option you can have a rain sensor installed into your lawn sprinkler system. A rain sensor detects the amount of rain fall and then determines whether the system should or should not water. This eliminates wasteful watering. 


Rotors are the heads that pop up from the ground and rotate to water the landscape. There are different sized rotors and nozzles that are used dependant on landscape, property size, and water volume. 

Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers commonly use Hunters PRO Spray Pop ups. Accompanied with an exchangeable and adjustable nozzle; Pop ups allow custom installations in all areas of landscape.   Click on the images for more information!


All lawn sprinkler systems come with an automatic controller/timer. The size of the controller/timer is dependant on the size and amount of zones in your lawn sprinkler system. Some controller/timers even have the option of using your computer to change settings or turn on/off your system.


Control Valves

Control valves are the essential part of your lawn sprinkler system. Control valve options determine water flow and water pressure. It is the heart of the system that controls the water zones. 

Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers commonly use Hunters Micro Sprays.  Micro Sprays come in different heights and nozzles to accommodate growth in gardens.   Click on the images for more information!

Micro Irrigation

Just as it sounds micro irrigation is a smaller system that is used in gardens and flower pots. Micro irrigation is attached to your lawn sprinkler system.

Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers commonly uses Hunter's PGP Rotors.  PGP Rotors come in various sizes to accommodate your landscape.  Click on the images for more information!

Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers uses two types of Rain Sensors. One being wired and the other is wireless.  The Rain Sensor used depends on the available location to mount the device.   Click on the images for more information!

Pop ups/Sprays

Pop ups/Sprays are another kind of head that waters the landscape. Pop ups/Sprays are generally used for smaller yards, flower beds and vegetable gardens.

These are the common controllers that we use here at Mr. Green Lawn Sprinklers. The X-Core Controller is the most common.  It is a wired controller that can be used up to 8 zones.  A Node timer is a wireless timer that operates with a battery.  A Node Timer is used for those areas that pose problems with running the wire.  Finally the PRO - C Controller is a wired controller used for bigger systems.  Click on the images for more information!